Hardwood flooring has been a popular choice for residential and commercial property for decades because it is durable, beautiful, and can take heavy traffic. Plus, you will have a lot of options to select from. When you go to the best floorings store in San Diego you will be able to look at samples and speak with professionals about the pros and cons of the different materials so that you make the right decision for you.

At Fashion Floors Design Studios, you will discover that we are a cut above other San Diego flooring companies because we have been in the business for twenty-eight years. Being family owned, we have been given the opportunity to cultivate our craftsmanship and can handle hardwood flooring projects of all sizes. We take customer service seriously when you have flooring needs and we are productive and dedicated throughout the process.

Take Your Space To The Next Level

A hardwood floor repair in San Diego is an excellent way to add value to your home; however, it can also take your space to the next level. Hardwood refinishing in San Diego can also update your home or workspace and give it a fresh and attractive look. If you have a specific hardwood floor that you want to have installed, then we will locate it. We will listen to your vision for the flooring and then design a solution for you.

Let Our Contractors Guide You

Our San Diego commercial flooring contractors are here to make the process run smoother for you. We are knowledgeable and clear when communicating with you, and we keep you informed as we move forward so there are no surprises. We don’t skip steps or cut corners to rush the job, but stay focused and precise so that you get the high quality work that you deserve.

Hardwood Flooring Options

Hardwood flooring in San Diego does not have to be complicated or overly priced. You have options when it comes to the company you choice and the hardwood that is installed, and we look forward to being your first call. We have done exceptional work when it comes to hardwood floor installation in San Diego CA, and we make sure you get the full services that leave you completely satisfied from the first time you call or visit our store until the moment you start enjoying your new floor.